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Wimportant! You have toGym rules read before you come to school!click here

All courses take place on public holidays and vacations, if not, we will inform you here.

Current changes:

There is no children's training on Mondays or Thursdays during the Easter holidays (March 25th to April 7th).

instead of. Children's training takes place on Fridays!

Grappling Basics (MMA)

The foundation for self-defense, MMA and police officers

Muay Thai/Kickboxing (MMA Stand-Up)  

Fundamental punch and kick techniques, realistic self-defense

Personal training

The fastest possible way. More personal and efficient

  • More than 20 years of experience

  • Martial arts of the highest professional quality in Aachen

  • realistic martial arts forcompetition and self-defense


About me:

My passion for martial arts goes back to childhood. At the age of 10 I entered a dojo for the first time.

With experience in Tea Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do and MMA grappling and Thai boxing fights, I was always open to everything on my journey. As an inquisitive person, I have continued to learn and educate myself ever since. Be it books, seminars with internationally recognized masters, conversations with acquaintances or strangers. I believe that you can learn something from everyone.

For several years now I have been dedicating myself more to grappling/BJJ and also training with Gracie Barra Maastricht under the direction of Jordy Peute.

With the need for human growth, my focus shifted from martial arts as a competition to martial arts as a way of life.

My philosophy:

Anyone who masters an art well knows the secret of success

Martial arts is not a martial art.

Martial arts are competitive, i.e. based on short-term victory against another athlete.

Martial arts relates to life itself.  It accompanies us throughout our lives. It knows no weight classes, no gender separation, no age differences, no rules, no time limits.

And above all, no losing or winning. Comparing individuals is nonsense. There is only LEARNING. When you lose, you know your weakness and what you need to do better. If you win, new challenges await.

Sometimes you train harder and sometimes softer, just as your body tells you and not your ego. Competitions are a small part and not the most important thing.


For me, a good fighter is one who doesn't have to fight at all.

Because most fights can be prevented. Ego plays a big role in this.

Learn to fight so you don't have to fight in the first place.


Martial arts is a journey. A journey whose goal is the journey.


Training reflects our lives. We can transfer what we learn and how we learn it to our areas of life. Whoever learns the art of fighting learns the art of living. There are physical, verbal and psychological fights. And above all the fight against ourselves, which is the most important and difficult.


We learn to listen to our bodies, control them and defend ourselves in all areas of life.


The side effects are fitness, coordination and a better body feeling. We meet new people, can let out our pent-up emotions, exude self-confidence, learn to deal with stressful situations and, of course, defend ourselves realistically in an emergency.


Breathing and meditation exercises from yoga and chi gong are an important part of my training.


Everyone wants more strength, fitness and endurance. But hardly anyone tries to fight or move more energy-efficiently. Most people accelerate with one foot and brake with the other at the same time.


By meditating, stretching and breathing, we work on our bodies and release blockages in order to move more efficiently, not only for fighting but especially in everyday life.

Tension quickly leads to injuries. Incorrect breathing causes the body to tense up and not work efficiently.

The body whispers before the pain comes!


The silence is not empty, it is full of answers!

It's about "learning". A process! The less you can do, the better the training. Find your weaknesses and strengthen them.


Puya Azarang

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