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The foundation for self-defense, MMA and police officers


The most important distance in combat is on the ground. I'm not saying you should fight on the ground! But I say if you fall on the ground, you should be able to defend yourself!


You learn to control situations and to force or control your opponent on the ground without seriously injuring him with punches and kicks. But of course you can if you want.

What is grappling?

Grappling (grappling methods, grappling) is an element of many martial arts and includes levers, throws, taking to the ground, submission holds, chokeholds and other holds of all kinds.

What is BJJ?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ for short, is a martial art developed by Helio Gracie in the 1920s and is now one of the most effective forms of self-defense and the mainstay of professional MMA sports. BJJ became known through Helios' son Royce Gracie, who won all fights against larger and physically stronger opponents at the first UFC tournaments.

In BJJ you can control the fight situation and force your opponent to submit without seriously injuring him with punches and kicks. But of course you can if you want.


Course structure (MMA Grappling Basics)

My BJJ course is based on a structured curriculum that guarantees students a strong foundation. Not just for self-defense but also asPreparation for MMA fights.  We go through the core techniques from each position in detail every four months. 

These selected, fundamental techniques have not only proven to be “street-friendly” for almost 100 years, but also have the upper hand in the fight against other martial arts.


By explaining the techniques and the principles behind them, students learn the theory. Through repetitive exercises and movement sequences, the body acquires the necessary reflexes. Once understood and internalized, the body stores these for a lifetime. In playful sparring (also called “rolling”) we apply what we have learned in a realistic scenario and measure our progress.


The lessons are structured in such a way that Anyone can take part without any experience or prior knowledge. Since the techniques are based on efficient leverage and precise timing, physical size, form, etc. does not matter.

Since I attach great importance to a safe, fun and cooperative atmosphere, only disciplined, willing to learn and respectful people are accepted into the team.

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