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Training times


Wimportant! You have toGym rules read before you come to school!click here

All courses take place on public holidays and vacations, if not, we will inform you here.

Current changes:

There is no children's training on Mondays or Thursdays during the Easter holidays (March 25th to April 7th).

instead of. Children's training takes place on Fridays!

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12 month subscription:

All courses                 52€ per month

2 times a week           45€ per month    

Children's course       40€ per month (up to 4 times per week)

For a 6 month subscription there is an additional charge of €5 per month

10 times training card:               150 €  

Single lesson: from €50 per 60 minutes (come with a friend, then €25 per person)

Seminars and small group training

upon request

Trial training

​Everyone is welcome for the trial training, no matter how old or young, man or woman, with experience or as an absolute beginner.

You can train twice for free.

Just come in without being shy, everyone who is new will be given a warm welcome.

Be there at least 10 minutes before the start of the course and contact the trainer!

All you need is flip flops and a towel.

And important ! Read thoseGym rules through !

If you have any questions, just contact usONLY above, Email or Instagram. We will respond as soon as possible.


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