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Gym rules

First and most important!

You always walk on the training area mats without shoes, either barefoot or with socks. You must always wear slippers or shoes outside; it is strictly forbidden to walk barefoot outside the mats. Also let the other members know if you see someone. It's also about your health when someone goes barefoot to the toilet and then onto the mats that we touch with our whole bodies.

Entering the gym

If it's your first time in the gym, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the coach. Nobody is allowed to join in without the trainer's permission. When entering the martial arts school, greet the other members. Everyone in the gym is treated kindly and with respect. Be present at least 10 minutes before the start of training to change clothes etc. After changing in the locker room, take your water and valuables (preferably everything in your bag) to the black shelf in front of the mats. If you're late, you're not allowed to just get on the mat and join in! Do not disturb the coach or the lesson! Wait for the coach to give you instructions. The coach may no longer be able to let you take part in the training.

Clothing and hygiene

Always appear for training in clean and fresh sports clothing. Avoid body odors by showering. Always make sure that your fingernails and toenails are trimmed. If you come home from work sweaty and smelly, you are not allowed to train!


In training


Anyone who wants to leave the training room (to go to the toilet or to drink, etc.) must first sign off with the trainer. No one enters or leaves the training area without permission. If someone is bleeding: If your partner is bleeding, accompany him to the sink so he can wash himself there. If blood drips on the floor/mats, use the disinfectant with a sponge (on the black shelf)

The trainers are authority figures to be respected. Their words must be followed - always! Disrespectful behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the martial arts school! During training, care is taken not to injure the partner.

We always train together, not against each other. Help less experienced students without arrogance or pride. Be open to questions and help from others. If you have less experience in martial arts, listen to the advice of more advanced people and show your willingness to learn.

Anyone can use the dumbbell area before or after the course begins. Please always leave it neatly. Put all the weights back, even if you didn't use them, make sure it stays tidy. This also applies to all other training equipment

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